KSI-1700 Series Products

  • KSI-1700 Series Products

Low profile, easy-clean keys, sealed matrix, and mix ‘n match

multi-factor authentication and infection control options


KSI-1700 Series LinkSmart® Base Units

KSI's LinkSmart® cleaning button promotes infection control

LinkSmart® cleaning button and RFIDeas card reader


KSI-1700 Series Keyboards with HID Crossmatch® & RFID Security Options

KSI LinkSmart® cleaning button and Crossmatch™ biometrics

KSI LinkSmart®, 125 kHz reader, Crossmatch™ biometrics

KSI LinkSmart®, dual band reader, Crossmatch™ biometrics

Crossmatch™ 500 dpi biometrics, easy-clean keys


KSI-1700 Series Keyboards in Healthcare White


KSI-1700 Series Downtime Keyboards


KSI-1700 Series Keyboards with SecuGen Biometrics

SecuGen 500 dpi biometric fingerprint reader security


KSI-1700 Series Keyboards with Lumidigm® Biometrics & RFID Security Options

LinkSmart® cleaning button with Lumidigm® fingerprint reader security

RFIDeas card reader and Lumidigm® biometric fingerprint security

Lumidigm® 500 dpi biometric fingerprint reader security


KSI-1700 Series SonarLocID® Walk-Away Keyboards

SonarLocID®, LinkSmart®, Crossmatch™ biometrics, RFIDeas

SonarLocID®, LinkSmart®, and RFIDeas card reader

SonarLocID®, LinkSmart®, Crossmatch™ biometrics

Convenient SonarLocID® walk-away desktop security

Articulating SonarLocID®, LinkSmart®, WaveID®, Crossmatch™


KSI-1700 Series Logoff Key Option

Secure your keyboard with one push of our Log Off Key

KSI's logoff button allows for enhanced desktop security and the ability of users to lock their clinical keyboard with peace of mind