GDPR Compliance Support

  • KSI security products support data privacy laws

GDPR compliance is in every company’s best interest.

Are you in compliance with GDPR and other data privacy laws?  Most companies aren’t.  What they risk is thousands, perhaps millions, in fines by not following the law and properly protecting consumer data.

While GDPR is the most recent and high profile data privacy law to make headline news, consumer protection policies are coming on line, or already in place, around the world — Philippines, Africa, Switzerland, Canada, Singapore, and California each have their own regulations.  Companies that suffer a data breach after failing to undertake sufficient measures to secure their systems are subject to not only large penalties but loss of credibility and reputation.  American companies are not immune.  GDPR regulation, for example, applies to all companies controlling or processing the personal data of those residing in the EU, regardless of a company’s location. Implications of GDPR for U.S. companies are significant and can be severe.  Compliance is not optional. 

Having proper identity access management controls in place is essential to protecting confidential data from being seen by anyone but authorized employees.  Only those who require access to private data are allowed access to the network when using KSI security keyboards and authentication pods.

KSI multifactor authentication products are your first line of defense against data breach that can lead to privacy protection violations and financial penalties.  The multi-layered security offered by KSI products is an important element of your compliance plan, as more countries and U.S. states adopt consumer protections.