PresenceLock™ Human Presence Detection

PresenceLock™ is your ultimate walkaway logoff solution

In today’s digital age, ensuring the security of your company’s sensitive data is paramount.  Logoff is just as important as logon.  With PresenceLock™, KSI revolutionizes the way vacant PCs are safeguarded, offering seamless protection that prioritizes both convenience and efficiency.

PresenceLock™ features silent walkaway protection, automatically detecting a user’s  absence and locking their PC to safeguard company data. This innovative feature operates in real time, providing peace of mind without any external software.  Users will love the convenience and the time saved by avoiding manual logoffs throughout the day.

Customizable Security Settings

Take control of your security preferences with simple settings. Easily set detection zones to accommodate your needs.

Efficient and Effective Protection

Experience the unparalleled efficiency of PresenceLock™ as it swiftly locks a PC within seconds of a user’s departure from their workstation.  This rapid response ensures that data remains secure at all times, mitigating the risk of unauthorized access at vacant desktops.

Two Form Factors for Maximum Flexibility

PresenceLock™ is available in two distinct form factors, allowing you to choose the option that best suits your setup:

OPTION 1:  Keyboard-Integrated Sensor

For streamlined endpoint protection, PresenceLock™ is integrated into our KSI keyboard.
This design ensures effortless operation that maximizes user convenience.

OPTION 2:  Monitor-Mounted Sensor

Choose our monitor-mounted sensor, connected to a PC via USB cable,
when a versatile configuration offering flexibility in placement is needed.

Seamless Integration with Secure Authentication

Whether it’s proximity, biometrics, mobile, hands-free OTP, or passkeys, our keyboard solution complements existing measures to provide comprehensive protection against insider threats.  Enhance your security posture by seamlessly integrating PresenceLock™ with other best-of-the-best solutions in secure authentication.

Prevent Unauthorized Access

Bid farewell to the worry of an unauthorized individual gaining access to active sessions at vacant desktops.  PresenceLock™ acts as a robust deterrent, preventing access by bad actors and ensuring that sensitive data remains protected.


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  • Financial Services
  • Corporate Enterprise
  • Government
  • More

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