• Government Benefits from KSI Products

Look no further for quality peripherals compatible with government

KSI protects government clinical and public sector workstations with irrefutable multi-factor authentication and a complete desktop infection control program in one device.  As federal, state and local agencies grapple with data breaches and formidable threats posed by unauthorized access, KSI products are more important than ever in securing government public sector workstations and authenticating end users.  Our Imprivata®-ready medical keyboards and security pods are compatible with the Cerner electronic health records platform, perfect for placement in government healthcare facilities that service our nation’s veterans.  Assembled in the USA, KSI keyboards and security pods are FIPS 201 compliant and ePrescribe-ready to prevent doctor shopping.

The KSI keyboard technology top strip can be configured in mix-and-match combinations that integrate up to five components critical to government healthcare and security, offering a range of functionality to the end user unavailable in a traditional keyboard.  KSI-1700 series
keyboard technology top strips are manufactured to include any or all of the following integrations:


Government looks to GSA-listed KSI products to upgrade and modernize its IT systems with high quality hardware that increases productivity, withstands repeated use, and enhances government-sponsored patient care.  KSI has a long track record of servicing federal, state and local governments, government contractors, law enforcement, and public safety agencies.