Banking and Finance

Never before has a keyboard done so much to secure the desktop

Financial services desktops are prime targets of cyberattacks.  Sixty percent of cyber incidents originate from the inside, and 75% of internal breaches are intentional.  Financial firms are in the top three sectors targeted by insider attacks — most often perpetrated by disgruntled personnel.  Unfortunately, employees are one of the top cybersecurity threats to financial services, and many organizations remain unprepared to respond.*

Left unprotected, shared employee terminals can leave the network vulnerable to attack and create an obvious internal threat for your organization.  KSI devices protect core financial platforms, management consoles, and peripheral systems.  Biometrics provides granular control over what employees can read, change, save, and print.  Biometrics also offer a concrete audit trail of financial transaction history.

KSI keyboards eliminate the need for passwords with multi-factor authentication routed through one USB port.  Our mix-and-match options provide optimized solutions you can bank on:

  • end point physical access control
  • shared workstation security
  • data protection
  • fraud prevention
  • credential management
  • integration with leading SSO software and banking platforms
  • elimination of lost or stolen passwords
  • secure logon/logoff
  • freed up thin and zero client USB ports
  • multi-layered authentication on an enterprise-wide basis
  • biometric transaction signing
  • protection of high value trades and monetary transfers

* IBM Security report