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Never before has a keyboard done so much to secure the desktop

From Main Street to Wall Street, Key Source International takes the lead in providing specialized multi-factor security keyboards and input devices for banking, electronic trading, and financial information systems.  Through the decades, KSI products have been trusted to ensure secure logical access as a critical element of the corporate cyber programs of major financial institutions.

KSI keyboards eliminate the need for passwords while providing multiple layers of foolproof authentication through one USB port.  Our mix-and-match options provide optimized solutions you can bank on:

  • physical access control
  • data protection
  • fraud prevention
  • integration with leading SSO software
  • lost or stolen passwords
  • secure logon/logoff
  • streamlining the workstation
  • freeing up thin and zero client USB ports
  • multi-layered authentication on an enterprise-wide basis

KSI uses only top quality security components in its banking keyboards


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