• Download KSI drivers

POS Keyboards

Download Matrix Maker for the following keyboards 1390, 1391, 1392, 1490, 1491, 1493, 1458, 1302, 1307, 1407

Download KSI-1290 Utility

Download KSI-1292 Utility

Download KSI-1293 Utility

Download Keymap download utility for 1290A and 1292 for Windows XP and NT

Download KSI-1290A, 1292, and 1293 Programming Manual


Biometric & Security Keyboards

Download SonarLoc ID® Configuration Utility

Download Wave ID® Configuration Utility

Download Clean Timeout Adjustment Tool (1700-SX)

Download TouchChip Driver

Download SCR 338 v4.41 SC Driver – for keyboards with Smart Card Readers (14XX and 15XX) Win 9X, XP, 2K and Vista 32 & 64

Download Firmware Update for Smart Card Keyboards

Download Pro Series Matrix Maker 14XX Programmable and MSR Keyboards