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Studies indicate, on average, so-called doctor shoppers

                                 obtain 32 prescriptions from 10 different doctors

What’s worse, nearly 90% of handwritten opioid prescriptions may contain errors, according to a 2016 study published in Journal of Opioid Management.

With the dangerous and illicit activity of doctor shopping on the rise, New York State recently passed “I-STOP” regulation designed to minimize the use of controlled substances and overdose related to over-prescribing of controlled substances.  New York State prescribers are required to comply with the new electronic standard that eliminates paper prescriptions.  Many other states are now in process of implementing their own versions of I-STOP.  Soon, EPCS (Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substance) and ePrescribe will be standard protocol in United States healthcare facilities.

KSI offers several solutions for EPCS and I-STOP compliance to stop doctor shopping in its tracks.  All KSI products with integrated Crossmatch™ biometrics promote adoption of EPCS while supporting clinicians’ compliance of DEA and state regulations.  KSI is proud to partner with Crossmatch™ in making its products more secure and providing a high quality solution for meeting EPCS regulation.

There are many good reasons for adopting EPCS, and having the right tool for the job is critical.  Engineering of our ePrescribe-ready products is the result of more than 35 years of development experience.  Created to meet the standards set by DEA for electronic prescriptions, our desktop solutions feature foolproof, 500 dpi biometric fingerprint reader technology.  KSI ePrescribe products are compatible with leading SSOs, including Imprivata®, HealthCast®, Caradigm, Allscripts® and many more.  Visit our Product Links to find out more about KSI e-prescribe-ready products.

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