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Better Than Waterproof Keyboards

Want a disinfected keyboard 24/7/365?  When it comes to desktop infection control, it’s all about the button — the award-winning LinkSmart® button

The superior alternative to waterproof keyboards, KSI healthcare keyboards stay disinfected every day, all day, with use of the LinkSmart® cleaning button and San-a-Key® clean keyboard software.

So easy to use.  Just press our distinctive red button and you’re well on your way to CLEAN.  With LinkSmart®, the notion of having every healthcare keyboard in your facility clean and disinfected on a 24/7/365 basis becomes reality.  KSI’s revolutionary LinkSmart® cleaning button has singlehandedly refashioned the traditional keyboard into a clean, mean, germ-fighting machine for infection control at the desktop.  One press is all it takes to temporarily disengage the keys of a LinkSmart® medical-grade keyboard.  Now its surface is ready for easy disinfection by the end user with approved germicidal wipes — without risking input of errant data.

KSI has turned what was once a vessel for germ and bacteria growth into the life-protecting tool that is the LinkSmart® healthcare keyboard.  When combined with other KSI mix and match security options, the LinkSmart® keyboard simply can’t be beat as a complete, cost-effective desktop security and infection control program in one device.  Use of LinkSmart® with approved germicidal wipes eliminates up to 98% of harmful bacteria and the danger of cross contamination from KSI keyboards.

The American Hospital Association agrees.  Awarded only to the “best and brightest,” KSI is proud to be the recipient of AHE’s Innovation of the Year, sponsored by American Hospital Association, for groundbreaking LinkSmart® that is poised to change the face of patient care.  AHE’s Recognition Committee sees what we see — that LinkSmart® technology is an important strategy in reducing hospital-acquired infections, improving employee productivity, and enhancing patient care.

Use of KSI San-a-Key® clean keyboard software takes LinkSmart® easy disinfection to a whole new level with an onscreen, animated cleaning aid, user-defined settings, and generation of real-time analytics that allow healthcare administrators to know when, where and by whom a KSI healthcare keyboard was cleaned.  LinkSmart® with San-a-Key® does all the work of ensuring your facility’s KSI keyboards are disinfected on a minute-by-minute basis, enterprise-wide — a convenience and level of cleanliness unattainable with use of waterproof keyboards which are only removed from service on occasion (if ever) to be run through a dishwasher.

View all KSI LinkSmart® keyboards and find out how KSI’s software-driven infection control system for the desktop stacks up against other healthcare keyboards on the market — and why KSI keyboards are unique in combining infection control with access control security and user reauthentication in one device.


“Clinical staff at our hospitals liked both the feel of the keyboards and the ease of cleaning.”

Steve Czapla, Director of IS Customer Support
Main Line Health