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  • KSI Developed the First Key Caps for Apple
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KSI has spent four decades responding to the

      marketplace with products that deliver big results

KSI’s rich history has its roots in the rise of the high-tech industry in the late 1970s and 1980s.  Company leadership recognized the emerging power of the personal computer as a tool for business and the vital role KSI could play as supply source partner to a burgeoning Silicon Valley.

Founded as a division of United Plastics Corporation, KSI manufactured the first key caps for the revolutionary Apple II. Business from Atari, Texas Instruments, Boeing, Hewlett-Packard and other innovators set the company on an upward trajectory to growth, longevity, and invention — with the design of its first full keyboard in 1983 and subsequent entry into the expanding retail point-of-sale market.

Today, KSI draws from a deep bench of experience servicing Fortune 1000 companies, system integrators, and top-ranked hospitals across the globe.  KSI manufactures world-class, award-winning peripherals for all types of businesses, large and small, with a strong emphasis on selling infection control and multifactor security products to the healthcare market.  KSI’s mission is to empower healthcare to save patient lives, increase productivity, and protect consumer data by providing high quality, innovative clinical desktop security and infection control peripherals.

KSI benefits from a multi-disciplined internal team of seasoned professionals, each with decades of experience and a commitment to the success of the company that contributes to creation of innovative products.  Company headquarters is located in San Leandro, California, with KSI sales representatives stationed in key geographic markets around the country.