Other Markets

  • We service call centers, telecom, education, and airline sectors

A client base as diverse as our products



KSI has serviced the telecommunications industry with intelligent keyboard devices for over twenty years.  Tens of thousands of call and service center end users around the globe depend upon the functionality and reliability provided by our durable keyboards.   KSI is proud to have played an integral role in establishing compliance of the Bell Core OSSGR specification for workstation ergonomics, and desktop ergonomics for telecom Australia and its communications division.



KSI pioneered video conferencing keyboards used in remote teaching and learning centers.  Our development of custom input devices for libraries and colleges earned us repeat business from higher learning institutions such as Stanford University, Washington State University, Rutgers, U.C. Davis, University of Connecticut, and many more.  Our innovative disinfect-able keyboards are an important tool in combating the spread of germs and influenza in the classroom setting.


Travel Industry

The airline industry has been procuring products from KSI for over three decades.  Our multi-function hardware, easy-input keys, and security features make all the difference in speeding up passenger check-in, facilitating counter transactions at boarding gates, and ensuring foolproof authentication of the end user — a post 9/11 imperative.