Our Guarantee

  • The KSI Guarantee

Superior construction.  Top-notch components.

Long-term investment in quality and service.

Our commitment to quality and service doesn’t stop when we ship your order.  No KSI transaction
is complete without achieving total satisfaction — before, during, and after the sale.  Our commitment
to quality and service continues long after our products are in place.

The vast majority of conventional computer peripherals, in short order, get tossed in the e-waste heap.  Not so with KSI products.  Gone are the days when hundreds of discarded keyboards end up harming the environment while impacting your bottom line.

A purchase with KSI is a long-term investment in workmanship and innovative technology upon which you can rely to enhance every workstation in your facility.  KSI is proud to offer its customers:

  • 3-year keyboard warranty

  • 1- to 3-year warranty on integrated, brand components

  • Five-star customer service that never disappoints

  • In-house repairs made by experienced technicians

Key to enjoying and reaping full benefit from KSI products is their proper use and care.  By following a few simple rules, your keyboards and standalone pods will be powerful tools for infection control and desktop security for years to come.  KSI offers one of the best warranties on the market today.

Our reputation for quality and service grows stronger with every unit we ship from our Oakland, CA headquarters to end users around the globe.