Introducing PresenceLock™ Endpoint Security with Walkaway Auto Logoff

Introducing PresenceLock™ Monitor-Mounted Walkaway Auto Logoff + RFID

KSI CodeRed Keyboard for Use at Downtime Workstations

New! Security Key Ports for Convenient Logon + Human Presence Detection for Auto Logoff

KSI-1900 Series DuoPodID Biometric Fingerprint Reader with RFID Clinical Desktop Security

KSI-1700 SX HFFFB-21 Best Selling Infection Control Keyboard with RFID and Biometrics

CASE STUDY: How a large corporation become FIDO-compliant with IDmelon and KSI Keyboards

A corporation sought to fortify its cybersecurity stance and simplify user authentication processes across divisions, including finance, manufacturing, HR, product development, and supply chain. IT had growing concerns about risks posed by outdated authentication methods and password use. Unauthorized access to financial data and valuable intellectual property by bad actors on the inside were looming threats. Data breach was just a matter of time. Read More

KSI's Human Presence Detection Keyboard Named MedTech 2024 Breakthrough Network Security Solution!

“KSI’s presence detection line of keyboards transcends the boundaries of traditional keyboards by addressing both secure login and logoff. The challenge of secure logoff in the healthcare arena is vital but often overlooked. In dynamic healthcare settings, desktops are frequently left unattended, presenting ample opportunity for unauthorized access,” said Steve Johansson, managing director, MedTech Breakthrough."  Read More