KSI-1700 CodeRed Keyboard

  • KSI CodeRed Keyboard

The KSI-1700 RED CodeRed is your go-to keyboard at downtime workstations

Easily identify designated downtime workstations during system failures and planned server maintenance

Our multi-function, disinfect-able CodeRed Downtime Keyboard is a standout device for the clinical desktop.  With a vibrant red finish, the CodeRed provides clear distinction between standard and downtime workstations — offering a strong visual cue as to which workstations are designated for downtime use during sudden system outage and scheduled server maintenance.  Clinicians are able to easily spot workstations assigned as downtime workstations.  The CodeRed Downtime Keyboard aids seamless continuity of workflow during repair and upgrade of mission critical systems.

CodeRed Downtime Keyboard users enjoy the same mix-and-match options offered with our black 1700 series keyboards.  Fully loaded, the CodeRed Downtime Keyboard is a seven-in-one solution for:

In the CodeRed Downtime Keyboard, your team gains premier technology, a best-in-the-business warranty, and all-in-one conveniences unavailable in other products on the market today.

Contact us for a KSI CodeRed evaluation unit to test in your downtime workstations.

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Download San-a-Key® Software

Download instructions for using the KSI-1700 CodeRed LinkSmart® Keyboard with patented San-a-Key® analytics software.
San-a-Key® is compatible with all KSI SX-version keyboards.


Use only germicidal wipes that contain United States EPA-approved, hospital-grade


Germicidal Wipes Certified for Use with Our San-a-Key® Keyboards

Toxic (Requires Mask and Gloves)

CaviWipes™ Surface Disinfectant
Clorox® Healthcare Bleach Germicidal Wipes
Clorox® Healthcare Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfectant Wipes
Clorox® Dispatch Hospital Cleaner Disinfectant Towels
Opti-Cide® Surface Wipes
PDI® Sani-Cloth Bleach Germicidal Disposable Wipes
PDI® Sani-Cloth AF3 Germicidal Disposable Wipes
PDI® Super Sani-Cloth Germicidal Disposable Wipes
PDI® Sani-Cloth AF Germicidal Disposable Wipes
PDI® Sani-Cloth Bleach Germicidal Disposable Wipes
PDI® Sani-Cloth HB Germicidal Disposable Wipes

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