Retail Point of Sale

  • KSI Products for the POS Market

With employee theft topping $15 billion, securing your terminals

                   with biometric technology safeguards your bottom line

The numbers are staggering.  One in every 27 employees apprehended for employee theft in 2016.  One-third of business failures attributed to employee theft. Tens of billions in retail losses due to employee fraud.*

With Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals now a primary target for fraud, identity management is of increasing urgency to retailers in addressing this growing problem.  KSI’s cost-effective biometric security pod works in tandem with your POS software to reduce the losses associated with employee theft.  Our KSI-1900 standalone security pod is the ideal solution for:

•  point-of-sale and backroom access control
•  proof of presence
•  elimination of shared credentials
•  theft deterrence through employee accountability
•  POS shrink reduction
•  elimination of time and attendance fraud and “buddy punching”
•  alleviation of password management burden
•  protection against customer data breaches
•  prevention of unauthorized overrides
•  compliance with consumer protection laws
•  secure prescription disbursement
•  speeding transactions to improve customer service

The KSI-1900 security pod is the perfect compact add-on device to your existing POS platform.  Your management team will instantly exercise better control over transactions at the register and no longer waste resources processing lost or stolen passwords.  Employees are much less likely to attempt fraudulent transactions, knowing they are accountable through foolproof biometrics.  Our technology is an investment in quality and workmanship that withstands heavy, repeated use in the commercial setting.  KSI uses the top-performing HID® Crossmatch® pro-grade 500 dpi silicon sensor in the 1900 pod, and our Single Sign On solution is compatible with the Windows Biometric Framework used by most POS applications.  With a simple finger press, the KSI-1900 security pod resolves a host of employee fraud-related issues for retail operations of any size.


KSI has a proud history of providing reliable solutions for retail — long experience that lends to our expertise in servicing this important business sector.  Our security keyboards and biometric devices are in place in retail operations around the globe.  With an ever-growing list of satisfied customers, KSI is known for its dependable, rugged products that protect point-of-sale processes and increase employee productivity and accountability.

* Jack L. Hayes International Retail Theft Survey statistics from 23 major retailers surveyed.