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  • KSI Integrated RFID

Fast, convenient, foolproof access control at the desktop

WaveID® eliminates desktop clutter and the need for multiple desktop security devices.  KSI keyboards with embedded RFIDeas™ WaveID® pcProx card readers not only declutter the desktop, but free up valuable USB ports while providing the ultimate in workstation and mobile cart security.

A simple wave of a staff member’s ID badge above the integrated reader sends authentication data to third party Single Sign On software that identifies and verifies the user, confirms access authorization, and unlocks the workstation.  KSI RFID eliminates the need to remember and manually type passwords multiple times throughout the day.  Taken a step further, the RFIDeas™ card reader offers compatibility with Imprivata® ConfirmID™ (in selected KSI products), that allows hands-free authentication from mobile devices.

When an ultra compact security solution is required, KSI standalone pods with RFID are the answer.  Offering the same strong authentication as our RFID keyboards, KSI standalone pods with integrated WaveID® offer RFID and biometric security in one small device.

KSI is proud to partner with RFIDeas™ in bringing the healthcare community reliable access control products containing the highest quality components.  Never before have so many mix and match options been made available for the clinical desktop.

Learn how KSI keyboards, with integrated RFID, have enhanced patient confidentiality at the award-winning hospitals of Main Line Health system.

Benefits of Integrated RFID

  • Fast, easy, convenient logon, logoff
  • Contactless authentication
  • Increased efficiency and workflow
  • Dual band — reads both 125 KHz and 13.56 MHz contactless cards
  • Tap in, tap out accompanied by colored LED flash and tonal beep
  • Legacy HID cards supported
  • Eliminates need for multiple devices
  • Dual authentication, when combined with KSI fingerprint biometrics
  • Compatible with other KSI integrated mix-and-match components
  • Compatible with leading Single Sign On software
  • Compatible with Imprivata® ConfirmID™, available as an additional option, for hands-free mobile authentication

View our products with integrated RFID (and ConfirmID™ available as an additional option).

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