Logoff is just as important as logon

Therma-Lock™ is a groundbreaking KSI product series!  Our Therma-Lock™ solution combines the power of thermal sensing technology with advanced authentication, ensuring that your desktop remains secure at all times — at both logon and logoff.  Our innovation provides a proactive and convenient approach to endpoint security, addressing the common challenge of unattended workstations.

Now all your vacant desktops remain secure with KSI thermal presence detection.  No more unsecured desktops due to users forgetting to lock their PCs.  No more annoying lock screens throughout the day that drag down productivity.

How Does Therma-Lock™ Work?

Therma-Lock™ relies on a specialized, adjustable Omron human presence detection infrared sensor embedded within the keyboard top.  The sensor constantly monitors the environmental temperature in the area where the user is seated.  When a user is present, his / her body heat generates a distinct temperature signature.

As soon as a user steps away from the keyboard — creating a detectable change in environmental temperature — Therma-Lock™ technology springs into action.  Within seconds, the keyboard recognizes the shift and initiates a secure lockout of the connected computer, preventing unauthorized access.

Key Benefits of Therma-Lock™

  • Enhanced Security:  Therma-Lock™ provides an additional layer of endpoint security by automatically locking desktops throughout the enterprise.
  • Efficiency and Convenience:  Gone are the days of manually locking the computer each time it’s vacated.  Therma-Lock™ streamlines the process, enhancing workflow while keeping data safe.
  • User-Friendly Solution:  Therma-Lock™ is an integrated solution requiring no complex software or setup.  Adjustments, when needed, are easily made using the Windows Notepad.

Explore Our Therma-Lock™ Enabled Keyboards

Therma-Lock™ keyboards are ideal for healthcare, banking, corporate environments, telecommunications, government, and anywhere a high level of security is needed to protect network data.  We manufacture KSI-1700 series Therma-Lock™ keyboards with both traditional plastic housings and silicone-covered keys for industries where hygiene is also important.

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