COVID-19 Return-to-Work Solutions

  • KSI keyboards are perfect for shared workstations amid COVID-19

Are your desktops ready for employees returning to work?

If your return-to-work policy doesn’t include the use of KSI keyboards at all desktops and shared workstations, the answer is NO.

The lack of an effective, efficient method all employees can utilize to quickly and thoroughly disinfect their keyboards throughout the day is a recipe for further spread of bacteria and viruses throughout your facilities.

The fact is, the arrival of this novel virus has fundamentally changed the way every company will conduct business going forward.  From staggered work shifts, to safe zones within elevators, the public space and work space are rapidly changing.  The desktop is changing too.  The popularity of shared workstations presents a unique set of challenges for keeping employees safe.  Lax hand hygiene practices and use of traditional keyboards that trap germs and pathogens between and beneath keys are no longer acceptable, and could very well now be a matter of life and death.

An often overlooked source of germ spread, traditional keyboards in actuality have long been known within the healthcare arena as vector points for cross-contamination.  With coronavirus’ devastating impact on employee health, the conventional keyboard can no longer be ignored as a vessel for transmission of harmful pathogens wherever people gather to work.  KSI LinkSmart® keyboards with San-a-Key® companion software should be standard equipment on every workspace desktop to help prevent the spread of harmful  germs.

Every KSI keyboard is accompanied by FREE San-a-Key® desktop software,
enabling scheduled cleaning, desktop push reminders, an onscreen cleaning guide, and more


Four ways LinkSmart® with San-a-Key® assists and protects employees returning to work

The LinkSmart® cleaning button.  One press of our integrated, red button temporarily disables keys, allowing easy and efficient disinfection with standard germicidal wipes by employees.  Key disablement prevents the input of errant data while the keyboard is being cleaned.  Keys return to normal service once all keys are disinfected.  Work productivity is maintained, and employees are empowered to safely disinfect their KSI keyboards throughout the day, whether based in their own workspaces or at shared workstations.

San-a-Key® onscreen cleaning guide.  Our complimentary companion San-a-Key® software aids employees with disinfection of their KSI keyboards.  When the LinkSmart® button is pushed, an onscreen keyboard depiction appears.  As the employee cleans each key with a germicidal wipe, the corresponding onscreen key changes color in a synchronistic fashion, until all keyboard keys have been wiped clean and all onscreen keys have changed color.  An employee can now be confident their KSI keyboard is disinfected all day.  When in doubt, one press of the LinkSmart® button launches a new cleaning session on the fly.

Keyboard disinfection is easy.  With the assistance of LinkSmart® and San-a-Key®, ten seconds is all it takes to disinfect a KSI keyboard.  Cleaning requires no special skills or training.  Use of germicidal wipes on the keyboard’s surface makes fast work of hitting every key with disinfectant.  Cleaning becomes habitual for all employees, who are empowered to be proactive in maintaining whatever workstation they happen to be using that day or that hour.

Germs can’t hide.  KSI-1700 series hard shell keyboards feature low-profile keys that discourage collection of dirt and germs between and beneath.  Employees will find that KSI low-profile keys speed workflow, allowing for significantly faster input than a traditional keyboard.  KSI-1800 series compact keyboards and KSI-2000 series full-sized keyboards feature low-profile keys, plus an impenetrable, crevice-free silicone surface.  Our smooth silicone allows for the easiest cleaning available – and can be scrubbed, sprayed, and wiped.  KSI’s new white finish enables employees to easily spot obvious surface contaminants.


Four ways LinkSmart® with San-a-Key® helps facility directors manage return-to-work

Cleaning protocols.  San-a-Key® allows managers to establish protocols for KSI keyboard disinfection scheduling, intensity of cleaning, and the length of time disinfectant should rest on the keyboard surface after wiping.  Should employees disinfect their keyboards every hour?  Every two hours?  Do some workstations require more cleaning on some days than others?  How intense should keyboard cleaning be?  Easy, medium, or careful?  Managers are in full control of establishing cleaning protocol via the San-a-Key® control panel.

Desktop push notifications.  San-a-Key® sends out push notifications that appear on every desktop throughout the day as reminders to clean, according to the schedule established by managers.  Unobtrusive yet directive, the notifications are effective while not inhibiting work productivity.

Real-time monitoring.  Licensed Enterprise San-a-Key® allows managers to monitor the cleaning of every KSI keyboard within the facility on a real-time basis.  If keyboards are not being cleaned per established company hygiene policy,
San-a-Key® identifies every instance in which the standard is not being met.  Now administrators are enabled to know when, where, and by whom KSI keyboards are cleaned, enterprise-wide.

Analytic reporting.  Licensed Enterprise San-a-Key® amalgamates all cleaning data into organized reporting that can be used by management to spot trends and identify where cleaning, or lack thereof, has occurred over time.

San-a-Key® not only generates the granular detail, but presents the big picture in regard to your KSI keyboards desktop hygiene program.


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Why partner with KSI?

Because we’ve been designing and manufacturing protective desktop solutions for over 40 years – aptly servicing the healthcare, retail, government, telecommunications, and travel sectors, amongst many others. With a proven track record and hundreds of thousands of units already operating on desktops around the world, KSI is a brand you can trust to deliver big results when it comes to desktop infection control, desktop security, and work productivity.  KSI keyboards are an investment in quality, workmanship, and the type of award-winning innovation that’s made us a recognized name in the healthcare community.


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