Operation Clean Desk

  • Operation Clean Desk Helps Companies Returning to Work

Return-to-Work Desktop Disinfection Program

Operation Clean Desk is a Complimentary Service for KSI Keyboard Users

What’s your plan for reducing desktop germs when employees return to work?

Operation Clean Desk, KSI’s return-to-work desktop disinfection program is a free service available to KSI customers.  The program assists employers and their employees return to healthy workstations amid COVID-19 and the onset of seasonal flu.  Operation Clean Desk helps prepare a desktop disinfection strategy and organizes the effort to carry out new disinfection protocols.  Our program empowers employees with the tools necessary for ongoing disinfection of desktops in helping to prevent the spread of germs and viruses.

Operation Clean Desk uses a simple, multi-pronged approach to desktop disinfection:

   Desktop Preparation          Employee Education           Program Execution



We’re here to help — contact us today to learn the benefits of our complimentary service aimed at helping facility managers and employees return to work.

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