KSI + bioLock

  • KSI + bioLock protects SAP

KSI + bioLock controls SAP® access and function control

Secures shared workstations

SAP®-certified biometric solution

Prevents data breaches and leaks

Granular control of SAP® checkpoints

Durable, ergonomic keyboard speeds workflow

Top quality, no-fail HID Crossmatch biometric hardware

Solution can’t be shared, borrowed or hacked


Key Benefits of the KSI + bioLock Solution >

>  Prevents breaches, insider fraud, and theft
>  Leverages Windows Hello and the Biometric Framework
>  Resides within SAP® and cannot be circumvented
>  Protects SAP® functions with reauthentication
>  Denied function requests prompt instant email alerts
>  Stops unauthorized access and step-up’s
>  Top quality HID Crossmatch biometric fingerprint sensor
>  Eliminates the dangers of unauthorized access
>  Secures high risk, high consequence areas in SAP®
>  Requires zero user training
>  Supports GDPR, SOX, POPI, and other privacy laws
>  Creates an audit trail of access and attempted access
>  Protects any defined SAP® transaction with biometrics
>  FIPS 201, FAP 20, PIV, and FBI compliant



Financial Accounting and Controlling | Sales and Distribution

Financial Supply Chain Management | Human Resource

Plant Maintenance | Production Planning | Project System

Material Management | Quality Management



Biometric Accountability, Approvals and Digital Signature

Commercial Banking and Financial Services

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry

Government, Military and Public Sector Organizations

Travel and Hospitality Industry

Security Process

KSI + bioLock Benefits and Keyboard Specifications >

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