KSI-1700 NY

Nymi Band™ compatible solution for KSI + bioLock prevents unauthorized access to SAP®

KSI-1700 NY

Touchless Access Control for SAP®

Key Features

  • Compatible with Nymi Band™ touchless biometric workplace wearable
  • Prevents breaches, insider fraud, and theft
  • Encrypted biometric authentication and reauthentication restricts data access within SAP®
  • bioLock resides within SAP® and cannot be circumvented
  • Leverages the Windows Biometric Framework
  • Eliminates the dangers of unauthorized access
  • Denied requests for access prompt instant email alerts
  • Secures high risk, high consequence areas in SAP®
  • Requires zero training
  • Creates an audit trail of access and attempted access
  • Protects any defined SAP® transaction with biometrics using the KSI keyboard and Nymi Band™
  • All functions routed through one detachable USB
  • Durable, ergonomic keyboard speeds workflow
  • Nymi Band™ can be worn under PPE to authenticate


KSI + bioLock and Nymi Band present an authentication and reauthentication solution that can’t be shared, borrowed, stolen, or hacked.  Nymi Band puts security and convenience on your wrist with a biometric wearable that offers efficient interface with the KSI-1700 NY.  Our joint solution eliminates the dangers of unauthorized access and offers SAP® endpoint and transaction control, data protection, and accountability.  Authentication with KSI + bioLock and Nymi Band is simple, intuitive, and touchless.  Execution of SAP Digital Signature is fast, secure, and convenient.  Learn more about KSI + bioLock.

*  Nymi Band™ and bioLock are third-party products, not manufactured or sold by KSI

Technical Specifications

  • Weight: 2.10 lbs.
  • Dimensions:  17-3/4″ W x 7-1/4″ D x 1-1/8″ H
  • Available in black, white, and downtime workstation red
  • Compatible with Nymi Band technology *
  • Key switch lifetime > 20 million actuations
  • High speed USB interface
  • Windows, thin/zero client compatible

*  Nymi Band™ is a third-party product, not manufactured or sold by KSI

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