SonarLocID Feature

  • SonarLocID® secures your desktop upon walkaway

With SonarLocID®, you walk away with peace of mind

In preventing data breach, the most important aspect of workstation security is logoff.  A single unattended computer can leave a company vulnerable to unauthorized access, penetration of confidential information, large monetary fines, and stolen intellectual property.  With integrated KSI SonarLocID® presence detection technology, employers and employees are assured all desktops are automatically secured and protected when an end user leaves a workstation.  No software or special license required, SonarLocID® is USB plug-and-play.



KSI’s articulating version of SonarLocID® allows the end user to adjust the direction of sonar detection.  A feature exclusive to KSI-1700 Series keyboards, SonarLocID® works in tandem with other KSI integrated component options to go even further in securing the desktop.

Compatible with Single Sign On solutions from Imprivata®, Oracle®, HealthCast®, and many others, the SonarLocID® keyboard is HIPAA, FIPS 201, and ePrescribe compliant.


With integrated KSI SonarLocID®, end users and employers are ensured a foolproof

end-to-end solution for total desktop security