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Elevating Dental Facility Infection Control

The Perfect Match for Dental Settings

The powerful combination of LinkSmart® and San-a-Key® makes KSI keyboards the ideal choice for dental environments where patient safety and the prevention of cross-contamination are mission critical.

What is the LinkSmart Cleaning Button?

The integrated, patented LinkSmart cleaning button allows for easy and efficient disinfection of KSI keyboards’ crevice-free silicone surface. With a simple press, keys are temporarily disengaged, and the cleaning process is initiated.

How San-a-Key Software Aids Keyboard Cleaning

Once the cleaning button is pushed, San-a-Key software calls up an onscreen keyboard schematic that depicts user disinfection of each key with a germicidal wipe in real time.  The software is easily configured by an administrator (a few simple mouse clicks) to send scheduled reminders to every desktop that it’s again time to clean.  When disinfection is complete, all keys on the keyboard automatically reengage.

How Our Infection Control System Streamlines Workflow

Now it’s quick and convenient to sanitize KSI keyboards between patients.  Using LinkSmart with San-a-Key, dental practitioners can remain focused on being practitioners while employing a sustainable solution for maintaining desktop hygiene without impact to patient care.

At KSI, we understand the critical role infection control plays in dental settings. With our cleaning button and software, you hold the power to elevate your IP protocols and create a safer environment for both staff and patients.

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