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Interview with KSI National Sales Manager Deanne Van Kirk

Q:  Thank you for taking time to speak about KSI today, Deanne. Can you please describe your role at KSI?

A:  Yes, my pleasure.  I’m the National Sales Manager.  I’ve been with KSI for over 30 years and work closely with our healthcare clients.

Q:  Great.  Let’s talk about KSI’s LinkSmart® cleaning button and San-a-Key® software. Can you explain what they are and how they work?

A:  Sure.  The LinkSmart cleaning button is a feature integrated into our healthcare keyboards. LinkSmart is a bright red button that’s easily identifiable on the face of the keyboard and can be pressed by hospital staff to initiate the cleaning process of the keyboard’s surface. When the button is pressed, it temporarily disengages keys for cleaning and sends a signal to our San-a-Key software installed on the hospital’s network. The software triggers an onscreen keyboard schematic that guides the endpoint user in disinfecting the keyboard, one key at a time.  The process is sophisticated yet also very easy and quick.  Every key gets swiped by the user with a germicidal wipe, a brand approved for use by the hospital.  Also, San-a-Key sends scheduled cleaning push reminders throughout the day to every desktop.  This helps ensure that hospital staff are cleaning their KSI keyboards regularly and reduces the risk of spreading germs that cause infection.  The enterprise version of our software allows administrators to know in real time the who, when and where of KSI keyboard cleaning throughout the facility.  So, as you can see, LinkSmart keyboards with San-a-Key comprise of complete cleaning and monitoring system of KSI keyboards.

Q:  That’s impressive.

A:  Yes, say goodbye to outdated keyboards and hello to a new era of healthcare technology, right?

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