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Pioneering Devices for Securing the Desktop and Prevents the Spread of Germs

The Password Era is Coming to an End

Prudent security professionals agree that username and password entry is no longer an adequate means of securing the desktop.  Deanne VanKirk, National Sales Manager for Key Source International (KSI) in California, concurs.  “The password era is coming to an end.  Secure and irrefutable logon using biometrics and RFID is becoming the norm to authenticate users and access data across all business segments.”

Frequent incidents of data loss resulting in fines now dictate that companies incorporate Multi-Factor Access into their networks, a trend KSI leadership saw coming long ago when building its business model to sell desktop security devices to the $3 trillion healthcare market.  With a focus on end user convenience and ease of use, the technology company manufactures HIPAA-compliant peripherals – keyboards and security pods – that protect consumer data and provide infection control monitoring at the desktop.  KSI products are tailor made for healthcare clinicians but also aptly service banking, government, and retail.

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