Introducing crevice-free 1800 series hospital-grade,

disinfectable backlit keyboards for healthcare

• Backlit keys are easy to read in the dark
• Quick USB detachment saves time
• Sealed surface available in colors
• Available with integrated RFID
• LinkSmart® locks keys for easy cleaning
• San-a-Key® provides real-time analytics
• Compact design fits most medical carts
• 500 dpi biometric fingerprint option
• Aids in control of cross contamination
• Scrubbable, sprayable, disinfectable
• Three levels of illumination
• Dual authentication and infection control

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NEW! KSI-1802R SX LinkSmart™ Backlit Keyboard with Biometrics & RFID


BRAND NEW! KSI CodeRed Keyboard for Use at Downtime Workstations

KSI-1700 SX HFFFB-16 LED Top Lit Keyboard with Cleaning Button, RFID and Biometrics

KSI-1900 Series DuoPodID Biometric Fingerprint Reader with RFID Clinical Desktop Security

KSI-1700 SX HFFFB-16 Best Selling Infection Control Keyboard with RFID and Biometrics

CASE STUDY: Main Line Health Enhances Infection Control and Patient Confidentiality with KSI Keyboards

"Clinical staff at our hospitals liked both the feel of the keyboards and the ease of cleaning,” said Steve Czapla, Director of IS Customer Support for Main Line Health.   Read More

The KSI San-a-Key® Healthcare Technology System Debuts at HIMSS Conference

San-a-Key® Healthcare Technology System is the most advanced method for assisting with infection control and prevention of cross contamination with a patented cleaning button.  Read More

NEW > KSI is now Imprivata® OneSign certified >  our 1700 & 1900 series products are now compatible with Imprivata® Confirm ID

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