• KSI is a Leader in the Healthcare Market

The KSI family of products is designed and engineered specifically for healthcare — to prevent

infection, increase productivity of clinicians, and protect patient confidentiality.

In KSI’s 1700 and 1800 series, the keyboard has finally come of age as a tool for good.  Good for clinicians, who need to eliminate cross-contamination.  Good for patients, who experience reduced exposure to harmful germs and bacteria.  Good for infection preventionists, who need to know when, where, and by whom a KSI keyboard was cleaned.  Good for IT managers, who need to manage access to electronic patient records.

KSI designs and engineers its keyboards in unique ways that cater to healthcare.  With the reimagining of the conventional keyboard as a multi-faceted, intelligent medical tool, the clinical desktop is no longer a vessel for germ and bacteria growth that causes hospital-acquired infections, or an avenue for data breach that violates patient confidentiality.

The importance and value of KSI’s patented LinkSmart® keyboard, powered by San-a-Key® software, was recognized with the awarding of 2016’s Innovation of the Year by the Association for the Healthcare Environment (AHE), sponsored by American Hospital Association.  The AHE Recognition Committee sees what we see — that KSI technology is rewriting the book on infection control and desktop security while bettering the lives of others.

KSI services top-ranked hospitals around the world seeking rugged, multipurpose medical keyboards

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