Biometrics Feature

  • SecuGen Integrated Biometric Option
  • Lumidigm Integrated Biometric Option
  • Crossmatch Integrated Biometric Option

Three great solutions at your fingertip for

                               hassle-free biometric security at the desktop

Harness the power of fingerprint biometric security with one of three pro-grade 500 dpi fingerprint sensor options.   KSI partners with leading component manufacturers to offer rugged identity management sensors that withstand heavy repeated use in the commercial setting.  KSI embedded biometric components make authentication foolproof and simple — allowing you to easily manage the who, what, where, and when of physical access.

The weakest link in an organization’s IT security system, passwords and tokens are vulnerable to being lost or stolen.  Even more, the costs associated with managing password- and token-based systems can be expensive, while wasting company resources.  KSI biometrics are the solution for:

  • secure logon
  • enterprise-wide logical access control
  • data protection
  • fraud prevention
  • easy integration with leading SSO software
  • adherence to ePrescribe standards
  • FIPS 201 compliance
  • elimination of lost or stolen passwords
  • multipurpose functionality through one USB port
  • multi-layered authentication when combined with RFID

Biometrics also provide one factor of two-factor authentication, as mandated by the DEA for electronic prescribing.

KSI biometric devices are used around the world by healthcare, governmentbanking, and the retail sector to increase security and efficiency.


“KSI has long been a leader in high quality and innovative
keyboard products.  The company is the essence of what we look for in a partner,
highly competent and focused on delivering value to the customer.”

Won Lee, President & CEO

With 30 surgeons at our facility, we conservatively estimate a recovery
of 30 hours of productivity per week using KSI biometrics.
OrthoNebraska realized a return on investment almost immediately,
with additional capacity for patient scheduling. The KSI-1700 Series keyboard
with biometrics is now the standard throughout our hospital and clinic.”

Robert Wagner, Technology Services Manager

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