EPCS and I-STOP Compliance

Effective March 2015, “I-STOP” became law.  I-STOP is designed to minimize the illicit use of controlled substances and overdose related to over-prescribing of controlled substances.  New York State prescribers are required to comply with the new electronic standard that eliminates paper prescriptions.  KSI biometric keyboards promote adoption of EPCS while supporting compliance of DEA and state regulations by clinicians.

KSI Offers Two Elegant Options for EPCS & I-STOP Compliance

KSI-1900 HFFFB-16 -- Resize SmallerRFID Reader and Touchchip Biometric Keyboard

There are many good reasons for adopting EPCS, and having the right tool for the job is critical.  Engineering of these KSI products is the result of more than 30 years of product development experience. Designed to meet the standards set by DEA for electronic prescriptions, these desktop solutions feature both biometric fingerprint and RFID badge readers.

KSI desktop security solutions are compatible with Imprivata, HealthCast, Caradigm, All Scripts and more.

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