KSI Compact Keyboards

KSI compact keyboards fit nicely on all standard medical carts —

the optimal solution for efficient workflow when workstation space is limited



104-key functionality in a compact, 86-key footprint — integrated trackball mouse, the perfect fit for medical carts

104-key compact design, ideal for medical carts or anywhere workstation space is limited

Patented KSI award-winning push-to-clean LinkSmart™ button, and a smooth, crevice free surface is easy to disinfect

KSI award-winning LinkSmart™ cleaning button and RFIDeas WaveID® dual band card reader technology

KSI award-winning LinkSmart™ button and Crossmatch™
550 dpi biometric fingerprint reader

LinkSmart™ cleaning button, RFIDeas dual band card reader technology, and Crossmatch™ biometric fingerprint reader

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