Nontoxic Ionized Silver Disinfectant Spray


A disinfectant spray made of ionized silver, Steriplex SD is the first and only EPA-registered sporicide, tuberculocide, bactericide, virucide, fungicide, and mildecide that is:

• Nontoxic
• Non-corrosive
• Non-fuming
• And contains no VOCs

Silver is a metal that is naturally antimicrobial and antibiotic, which is why it is sometimes used to make eating utensils and sterile medical equipment.

Simply spray lightly back and forth approximately one foot from the surface that you wish to disinfect.  Steriplex is effective on all surfaces and objects on the desktop, in hospital rooms, or the lab.   An efficient way to disinfect water sensitive equipment such as touchscreen monitors and MRIs, Steriplex is also non-corrosive and will not damage medical equipment, floors, or floor wax. The spray adheres to surfaces and keeps them germ-free over time.

Extend Your Warranty and Protect Patients, Clinicians, and Your Investment with Steriplex!

All KSI 1700 series keyboards feature the San-a-Key sealed key switch matrix and come standard with a three year warranty! Now by using nontoxic Steriplex (instead of toxic and highly corrosive bleach or hydrogen peroxide wipes) you can extend your warranty to five years.

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