KSI-1700 Series Log Off Key

Compatible with all KSI-1700 Series Keyboards

Any IT professional knows logoff is as important as logon.

Many hospitals rely on the tap out, in “Tap & Go,” to lock computers.  Some use screensaver timeouts, and some users reach for a mouse and click multiple times to secure their workstation.

With a tap of your pinkie or one simple keystroke, there is a more practical and cost-effective way to lock your workstation with ease and peace of mind.  Keystroke  |ˈkēˌstrōk| is designated in the dictionary as a noun, defined as a single depression of a key on a keyboard, especially as a measure of work.  Actually very little work, but with momentous results.

Unlocked, unattended workstations lead to data theft, breach of HIPAA compliance, patient privacy, as well as unauthorized dispensing of controlled substances.

This simple, cost-effective solution is compatible with Imprivata®, HealthCast®, Siemens, Epic, Allscripts® and many more. 

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